Day 0 - Around Inverness

Chanonry Point, Fortress and Culloden 


Chanonry Point

At the point of Fortrose people meet daily to watch a resident group of Bottlenose Dolphins feed on the rising tide. It is rich in food for seals, dolphins and sea birds. I'm not sure who is watching who here?

Chanonry Point

We'd followed Charlie Phillips fascinating Twitter photos from this area knowing it was one of the best viewing points to see bottlenose dolphins within meters of the shore. Not today, but we still spotted a flurry of activity a bit further out. 

Reflections from Culloden

A view through an opening in the new visitor centre which summed it all up; the coming together of two sides in an open field. One side is structured and organised and the other was  tired and sadly, frayed at the edges. 

Gareth Hoskins Visitor Centre

Inside the visitor centre - the view from both sides explained so vividly. The scenes from the event, re-enacted in the multi-media room, are very emotive.

The site of the battleground 

After the very informative meander through the visitor Centre we walked down paths, across the good higher ground of the battlefield to the poor swampy fields. Dotted with memorials. you are constantly reminded, by the red and blue flags, of the field positions of both sides.