Day - 1 - Loch Lomond to Inverness

Through Glen Coe, past Ben Nevis and the very moving Commando memorial onto Fort Augustus and then finally to Inverness



The deep glens and valleys were vividly highlighted by a strong but low sun around midday as we approached Glen Coe from the East. There is always an eerie captivating calm along this section of road as we stopped when we could to take it all in and photograph the high contrast scenery. 

Spean Bridge

"In the summer of 1940 when Britain's fortunes in World War 2 were at their lowest ebb and an enemy invasion was threatened Winston Churchill boldly ordered the raising of an elite force to raid the enemy held coastline of Europe and regain the initiative. Within weeks they were in action in Europe, later in the Middle East and the Far East. In 1942 the Commandos Basic Training Centre was established in the Scottish Highlands at Achnacarry" This wonderful memorial looks out to the hills where most of the training took place.


So many little waterfalls and run-offs that catch your eye. We probably missed a few as they are sometimes only visible from the direction of travel.

Fort Augustus

A meeting of the mini club before they set off from Fort Augustus to Inverness on the very picturesque southern route. We were to see many other similar car enthusiasts clubs later on the NC 500.


So we followed the mini's on the B862 on the Southern or is it the Eastern route to Inverness. There are some glorious views on this road but it isn't a quick route.