Day 7- Around Durness

An overnight stay at the wonderful  and so friendly Mackay Lodges and a day of walking around Balnakeil and Smoo Caves. We treated ourselves to coffees and chocolates at the very indulgent  Cocoa Mountain nearby.


Ruins of Balnakeil Church 

The graveyard is all that is left intact now of this old church at the head of the beach. Next to the most northerly golf course in Britain it still holds a commanding position.


This is a fascinating geological area. The dune fields are extensive and are regarded as some of the finest in the UK. In some places they are as high as 60m above sea level.

Stacks east of Faraid Head

Turning right at the military lookout we looked onto a very calm sea - that can't happen too often. Apparently this is one of the most interesting geological areas in the world perched on the Moine Thrust.

Balnakeil Beach

This was a huge beach of glorious white sand and deep sand dunes. We walked nearly 15km along the beach and around the headland. The NATO operations were starting after we left with the little island off Cape Wrath as the target! 

Smoo Cave

You either need a tripod or a very fast lens to capture a high quality image of the internal waterfall so I settled for a shot of a rusting winch looking into the cave.