Our North Coast 500 


Although we now live in England we were no strangers to Scotland nor the West Coast of the Highlands. Having lived west of Glasgow for many years and having holidayed in places such as Ardnamurchan, Glenelg, Applecross and Kintyre the North Coast 500 website and App caught our attention. 

We planned a 2 week holiday - we would do it clockwise and follow the entire route. First we would visit our old home near Glasgow and then make our way up to Loch Lomond and Inverness. We would return the fast way down the A9. 

As a keen photographer I wanted to pick out the images that reflected our wonderful holiday.

Of course it is impossible to absorb everything you see; there are so many places left unexplored and I'm sure someone else's account would look completely different.

This is, of course, what makes the NC 500 route so magical.