Day 2 - Torridon to Poolewe

This was one of the highlight drives of the journey so far especially the trip from Torridon to Kinlochewe. As we re-fuelled we were joined by a Jaguar e-type sports club ( 15 cars?) on a round Britain charity fund raising tour



This is looking across to the North West as we approach Torridon in fading light. A small village can be seen below and salmon farms out in the lochs.


Torridon Hotel

We stayed in the grounds of the hotel at the Inn - so well equipped and a perfect place to stay and eat/drink after an absorbing trip from Inverness. Have we really come this far and seen so much in 1 day?

Highland Cattle

You wouldn't be in the Highlands if you didn't spot a mother and calf

Loch Maree

Yet another spectacular view as we dropped down towards Poolewe. The waters of Loch Maree run off in the River Ewe before reaching Loch Ewe where we were heading.

River Ewe

A wander up the river Ewe towards Loch Maree and we spotted a pair of keen wading fishermen looking for salmon returning to spawn. With the mild autumn the fish are still heading upstream.